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  • National Council for Work Experience
    Dedicated to raising the quality of work experience. Gives advice for students and graduates
  • Intern Aware
    Intern Aware is a campaigning organisation run by interns dedicated to promoting fair access to the internship system. Through mobilising activists across the country Intern Aware hopes to raise awareness of the inequalities caused by unremunerated internship schemes and make a change.
  • Interns anonymous
    Interns Anonymous has been set up by two graduates currently working as unpaid interns. They want their website to be a forum for interns to share their experiences and discuss the ethics of unpaid employment.
  • Internocracy
    Internocracy’s vision is to change the culture of internships across sectors in the UK. Internocracy helps employers to set up, run and accredit their internship programmes, connects interns from across the UK and campaigns for better internships for everyone.
  • The Low Pay Commission
    The Low Pay Commission advises the government on minimum wage issues. If you have had a bad experience as an intern then it could help to change things if you write to the Commission setting out details of your experiences:
    Low Pay Commission, 1st Floor, Kingsgate House, 66-74 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 6SW. General enquiries: 020 7215 8459   E-mail:
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