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Court battle could spell good news for unpaid interns

Entertainment union BECTU recently helped one of their members to a landmark court victory, which could have wide implications for companies seeking to avoid paying interns. Here’s part of a report from Tribune Magazine in December 2009: Nicola Vetta’s dispute with London Dreams Motion Pictures, a film company which specialises in “rom-coms”, began as a […]

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Barbara Ellen calls it wrong on interns

Those of you who missed Barbara Ellen’s bizarre column on interns in The Observer can catch it here. As ill thought out as the argument is, it’s worth visiting to see the kind of challenge we face when even fairly progressive journalists can lapse into this kind of cloudy thinking. The following week, the Observer […]

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Exploiting interns: the story that won’t go away

Fair play to the BBC for giving plenty of coverage to the issue of unpaid interns in recent months.  The issue has featured on a number of web media outlets as well as featuring on the BBC News Channel and Donal Macintyre’s Radio 5 show.

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