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NUJ’s call to arms

Good article byFiona O’Cleirigh in The Guardian this week.  Fiona’s a freelance journalist organising the National Union of Journalists’ Cash Back for Interns campaign. As we’ve pointed out in the past, raising your voice as an intern is an intimidating and difficult thing to do, but making retrospective claims for non-payment of National Minimum Wage once your […]

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Angela Brady: we like the cut of her jib

Angela Brady is the incoming President of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) And she’s telling it like it is about certain practices in the industry, threatening to name and shame architects offering internships with low or no salary. She said: “It’s a really big problem, as architects have accepted lower fees and are […]

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IPPR gets it right on interns’ pay

The Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) has a great track record not only in producing outstanding research but also in employing interns.  They advertise their placements properly and all their interns are paid the London Living Wage (currently £7.60 per hour) and receive holiday and sick pay. So they are well placed to produce their excellent new […]

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CIPD gets it wrong on interns’ pay

A CIPD report out this week calls for a new National Minimum Wage ‘training rate’ of £2.50 to be applied to all internships. But this doesn’t help. What is really needed is simply better awareness and enforcement of the existing law

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Stronger Unions 2010

The TUC presents “Stronger Unions 2010:  Campaigning and organising after the election” Congress House Monday 5th July 10.30am – 4pm This FREE event brings together trade union members, activists, reps and officers to look at how we take forward organising, campaigning, representation and education in the post-general election environment. This is a key event for […]

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Interns: How to claim your right to be paid

There’s been a healthy discussion over at Graduate Fog on how interns can claim their right to be paid. We at the TUC recognise the very difficult position that interns find themselves in, where they feel isolated and vulnerable in a workplace, relying as they do on their employer to provide a good reference.  The terror […]

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Vogue’s $12,000 internship

No, that’s not way they pay you.  Vogue have recently auctioned an intern vacancy in the states, the highest bidder paying $12k for the privilege of a one week internship at Vogue, including a couple of tickets to NY Fashion Week and a chance to meet Anna Wintour.  Linda Heywood’s written a great piece about […]

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TUC: Interns help our campaign (and win a Flip Cam)

The TUC is actively campaigning against the growing abuse of unpaid internships. Our Rights for Interns website is just one way we’re helping give advice and guidance to interns out there in the workplace. To make our case stronger, we need evidence.  That’s why we’ve set up our interns survey.  It takes less than 5 minutes to […]

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Alan Milburn “interns are central to all of this”

Alan Milburn met with senior officers from a range of managerial and professional trade unions at the TUC yesterday to discuss how we can tackle the growing problem of the lack of social mobility in the UK. A key contributing factor to the lack of progression for so many people are the barriers that prevent fair […]

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Interns: an election issue (part 2)

So what does man of the moment Nick Clegg have to say about unpaid interns?  Find out from our friends at Interns Anonymous

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