let’s make internships better!

Good work experience can be a real benefit to people starting out in their careers.  Many employers want to treat interns fairly, but others provide no real training or are just looking for cheap labour.

All interns have some rights at work, but the extent of their employment rights depends on the exact nature of their relationship with the organisation providing the internship.

The real problems are that:

  • awareness of how these rights apply is much too low amongst both interns and their employers.
  • Interns are often afraid to enforce their rights since they fear that they will not get a good reference
Brendan Barber“Working as an intern can provide the kick-start for a good career, but with many graduates forced to turn to internships in place of traditional entry level jobs, I’m concerned far too many are exploited. Although many employers do offer interns a fair deal, others are simply ripping off talented young people by employing them to do unpaid work. It can’t be right that some of the brightest people in their generation find their first experience of work is so unfair. With so many unscrupulous employers out there it’s very important to know your rights – and joining a union is always the best way to ensure that you get fair treatment.”  TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady

This website sets out what rights you have as an intern, and sets out how they can be enforced.

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